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Skin treatment techniques

Natural mineral water cleans, regenerates and cures!

The mechanisms involved in the improvement of skin pathologies are: deep hydration, circulatory improvement by heat, disinfection by sulfuric ion, the stripping capacity of filiform showers, skin stimulation, anti-inflammatory components, tissue toning, improvement of venous return, the penetration of trace elements, such as the fluoride ion. Sulfur keeps the skin smooth and shiny and increases the production of collagen and keratin (without it there is no hair or nails). In addition to sulfur, fluoride and other micro-elements are also responsible for the regeneration of the skin, which is one of the largest organs in the human body and subject to greater stress.

The skin pathologies that may benefit from the thermal treatment of Caldas da Felgueira are: atopic eczema, other eczemas, psoriasis, juvenile acne, rosacea.

Thermal techniques in the treatment of skin problems

Simple immersion, Immersion in running water, Immersion with aerobath and Immersion with filiform shower

The different types of immersion identified are carried out in a bathtub and consist of complete immersion of the body. This could be:

-Simple, only immersion without association of other techniques;

-In running water, in which water is renewed throughout the treatment through the entry and exit of the water found in the bathtub,

-With aerobath, which leads to the release of compressed air bubbles that promote oxygenation of the skin,

-With multiple low pressure filiform shower, which combines immersion with the application of microjets located on the affected skin areas.

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