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Spa Wellness Programs

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From deep hydration of the facial skin, to Anti-Aging, from loss of volume to combating stress and anxiety, Wellness programs were made with you in mind! A diverse offer of treatments and programs.

Taking advantage of the unique characteristics of our water and thinking of everyone who cares about their physical and emotional well-being, Termas da Felgueira offers 2, 5, 7 and 14-day wellness programs with surprising results and a series massages and aesthetic and beauty treatments. From deep hydration of the facial skin, to Anti-Aging, from loss of volume to combating stress and anxiety, the Wellness programs were made with you in mind! A wide range of treatments, programs for 2, 5 or 7 days.

Wellness Programs - Face

Renovating Moisturizer (2 Days / 1 night or 5 Days / 4 nights)


Combining the effect of natural mineral water with the application of products with exfoliating, smoothing, bleaching and moisturizing functions, this program is ideal for promoting cell renewal, firmness and increased luminosity.

From 35 years old. Skin with smooth marks of aging.

Anti Aging (5 Days / 4 nights)

The Anti-Aging program was specially developed to minimize the effects of skin aging, caused by numerous internal factors and external aggressions (sun exposure).

The application of the Anti-Aging treatment in combination with the peels of Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid, promote the fortification, hydration and toning of the skin of the face and neck giving it a more uniform, smoother and healthier appearance!

From 45 years of age Skin with visible marks of aging - spots, wrinkles, sagging.

Anti Acne (5 Days / 4 nights)

The Anti-acne program combines the exfoliating properties of the natural mineral water of Termas da Felgueira with products that act on the main skin changes that cause acne.

Acne is an inflammatory skin disease caused by the obstruction of the hair follicle resulting from the increase in sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, which favors inflammation and bacterial proliferation.

The application of a specific tonic for oily skin that acts on excess sebum and the application of creams and products regulating sebum secretion, stimulating cell renewal and healing and reducing inflammation, allow the neutralization and reduction of the symptoms of acne without side effects, respecting the natural balance of the skin.


Wellness Programs - Body

Anti-Stress (2 Days / 2 nights or 5 Days / 5 nights)

Suitable for all people who want to rest, relax and improve their general well-being!

This program combines physical exercise guided by a Personal Trainer, different types of massage - massage with hot stones, lymphatic drainage - and the techniques of immersion, shower and massage with natural mineral water that, associated with the effect of the touch of hot water on the body , promote a state of deep relaxation!

Let Go (2 Days / 2 nights)

Suitable for all people who want to rest, relax and improve their general well-being!

Improving general well-being is the main objective of this program that exercises and relaxes the body and mind! Combining physical exercise guided by a Personal Trainner, with the relaxing effects of immersion and a Vichy massage shower will promote an improvement in your well-being that will leave you prepared to face the day-to-day!

Anti Cellulite and Firming (5 Days / 5 nights)

The Anti-cellulite and firming program is especially indicated for the loss of volume and increased muscle and skin toning.

In addition to daily exercise, we combine massages and wraps using products whose main objective is to reduce installed cellulite, activate blood circulation, decrease fluid retention and reaffirm skin and tissues. Shower and massage techniques with natural mineral water are a daily presence in this program promoting relaxation, facilitating venous return and reducing edema / swelling.

Suitable for people who want to reduce the installed cellulite and reaffirm the skin and tissues.

Pain Free (5 Days)

The Pain Free Program was designed to give an objective answer to a widespread problem - back pain. Combining relaxation with body immersion in natural mineral water, with Felgy Massage Shower and localized massages, the reduction of pain and the improvement of quality of life are a reality. Thinking that most pains are caused by bad postures, this program includes daily monitoring with a Personal Trainner for education and postural correction.

Indicated for back pain, contractures and painful shoulder.

Postpartum (7 Days / 6 nights)

The Postpartum Program was developed to respond to these changes by combining medical monitoring, nutrition consultations, physical exercise guided by a Personal Trainner and massages and wraps with specific products. In this way, we intend to improve the general physical condition, improving muscle tone and strengthening, promoting an increase in skin firmness. This program combines thermal techniques and massages with beauty products of proven quality.

It should only be performed after the breastfeeding period.

In Balance, Shape & Fit (7 Days / 6 nights)

Two-person program sold with accommodation!

The In balance - Shape & Fit Program combines nutritional counseling with daily physical exercise and a set of aesthetic treatments, with continuous medical monitoring.

Nutritional and exercise counseling is extended when the client returns home by creating a food plan, with advice from our nutritionist on the preparation and choice of foods and an exercise program appropriate to their case.

Advised to all people (over 18) who want to start or reinforce a weight loss or weight loss program.


Wellness Programs - Body and Face

MIM2 (2 Days / 2 nights)

Two-person program sold with accommodation!

This is a program designed for you, to do together. Pamper yourself at the Intimate Spa of the Grande Hotel das Caldas da Felgueira sharing a hydrating hydromassage after performing a body peel that will make your skin healthier! The next day, take care of your face and enjoy a relaxing massage in the best company! A special program, for special people! Only available at the Grande Hotel.

Hydrating Duo (2 Days / 2 nights or 5 Days / 5 nights)

And because it's not just the face that needs hydration, the Duo Hydrating program is the answer! With the introduction of gym sessions guided by a Personal Trainner, this program allows you to exercise your body properly and deeply moisturize your skin, body and face. By combining peels with the application of products with soothing, whitening and hydrating functions, we promote cell renewal and skin hydration, which are complemented with immersion and massage techniques performed with natural mineral water.

Recommended after the beach period or for all people with dry skin.

Other treatments

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