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The term SPA derives from the name of the Belgian city - SPA, known in Roman times as Aquae Spadanae . Its numerous springs of natural mineral water have always been used for the purpose of healing and revitalizing the body and mind, its name being associated with any and all natural mineral water springs with therapeutic properties. It is under this term that all the paths and principles of Termas da Felgueira are based - rest and care, combined with the most traditional methods and innovative technologies, making Águas da Felgueira accessible to all who want to prove its benefits.

The day-to-day is increasingly demanding! The demands at home, at work, with friends, with a society that evolves at a pace so intense that it takes us to the limit and high stress situations, difficult to control, creating high levels of anxiety. Thus, constant concerns arise with our health and well-being, placing us in a constant demand for the best techniques and methods to counter this trend. Our Thermal SPA is a natural source of relief from everyday stress, so you can find the balance you need, recharging your energy.

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