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Thermal Treatment

Respiratory tract | Rheumatology and Rehabilitation | Skin

After calcium and phosphorus, sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in the human body. It is present in all cells and is essential to life. Since sulfur is the main constituent of mineral water at Termas da Felgueira, contact with the airways promotes fluidization and cleaning of mucous secretions, stimulating local circulation, improving local defense capacity through its anti-allergic and anti-allergic function. inflammatory.

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In bone, joint and muscle disorders, natural mineral water is used in different ways in order to provide an efficient response to different pathologies. The combined application of immersion techniques, showers and vapors promote increased muscle relaxation, greater joint mobility, improved skin sensitivity, decreased inflammation.

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The mechanisms involved in the improvement of skin pathologies are: deep hydration, circulatory improvement by heat, disinfection by sulfuric ion, the stripping capacity of filiform showers, skin stimulation, anti-inflammatory components, tissue toning, improvement of venous return, the penetration of trace elements, such as the fluoride ion.

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