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Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable to inform your family doctor or specialist doctor. Medical evaluation is fundamental to the success of the treatment and the more information is made available to our hydrologist, the more appropriate your prescription and the results will be. Bring the most recent exams and those that are relevant to your medical history.

If you want to take advantage of the National Health Service Reimbursement, the minimum duration of treatment is 12 days. It will be your Family Doctor who will give you a prescription for Thermal Treatment with identification of the respective pathology. If the reimbursement comes from one of the Health sub-systems (ADSE, ADM, SAMS, SSCGD, CTT, EDP or others) you will need to have a medical statement proving this need that you must attach to the invoice issued at the Spa. If you want to place Health Expenses on your IRS, you must have a medical statement for that purpose.

You should always bring equipment to use the pool (swimsuit, slippers and caps) and gym (training equipment and shoes only for use in the gym).

In order to receive you with the quality and excellence to which our customers have become accustomed, it is very important that you book your appointment. Doing so will help us to adjust the medical scale to minimize waiting time and ensuring that your appointment will take place at the scheduled time.


The thermal cure lasts an average of 2 weeks. However, shorter stays (7 days) are more and more frequent. Although it is not ideal, as you may not enjoy all the benefits inherent to the fulfillment of the appropriate treatment, the improvements felt with the accomplishment of shorter periods are reported as significant.

What are the Contraindications of Thermal Treatment

There are different reasons for not being able to perform thermal treatments. We can identify two groups of contraindications: the absolute (prevent the treatment) and the relative (temporarily prevent the treatment).

Thus, we consider absolute contraindications: evolving malignancies (mainly of the airways), Chronic bronchopathies with: tumor compression, bronchial foreign body, mucoviscidosis; Severe respiratory failure, Severe renal or hepatic disease in progress, Severe heart disease, Hypertension and decompensated cardiovascular diseases, others.

The relative contraindications are: Asthma with recent and uncontrolled worsening, Asthma with continuous dyspnea, Ongoing infections, Acute ENT or Pneumological situations or others that have caused severe weakness (starting 2-3 months after the outbreak), Post treatment of neoplasms   (it is accepted that the patient brings information from the attending oncologist doctor) - usually after 5 years of post-treatment it is considered safe, biological treatments (the patient must bring concrete information and authorization from his / her physician to perform thermal treatment)


The medical consultation is the first step towards carrying out the thermal treatment. At Termas da Felgueira a team of hydrologist doctors ensures the clinical evaluation throughout your stay. The prescription of the treatment and its suitability for intermediate consultations, can be done at any time, without any added cost. At the end of the treatment, the final consultation is an important step for assessing improvements and especially for counseling (care to be taken after treatment).



In order to enhance all the benefits of thermal treatment, it is necessary to take some care during and after treatment.

During thermal treatment, in pathologies of the respiratory area for which collective nebulization has been prescribed, you should complete the recommended rest (minimum 40 minutes), especially on colder days.

We recommend that you make a cooling period adequate to the normalization of your body temperature, in the rest room, properly dry and with a dry robe, and then use enough warm clothing at the exit. D You must comply with these guidelines throughout treatment and for the following weeks (3 to 4 weeks) . The "hot" treatments aimed at rheumatic problems suggest the same protection during the treatment period and for the next 2 or 3 weeks, especially with regard to cold baths.

Important documents not to forget:


Identity Card | Passport (if you are not a citizen of a country that is part of the European Union) | Tax Identification Number (TIN) | National Health Service User Card | Card from another Health System of which you are a beneficiary

Of clinical information:

List of ongoing drugs | Report of the attending physician or specialist physician on reasons for thermal advice | Recent complementary means of diagnosis (analyzes, X-rays, TACs and / or others)

Thermal Center Hours:

For Thermal Treatment:

8 am - 1 pm from 22 February to 31 August and from 1 November to 1 December
8am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm in September and October

For Wellness, Aesthetics and Beauty Services:

9 am - 1 pm and 2:30 pm - 6 pm


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